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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Talking won't do it, evidence won't do it, common sense won't do it, protests won't do it. What's left?

Although, I am merely a baby in contrast to other humans' life experiences here on Earth, I can already tell that there is something fundamentally wrong in our collective society.

I can talk to you for days about how I truly believe Life on Earth is a lesson for Our Souls, and how difficulties and challenges are nothing but opportunities that will teach us more about our true potential to persevere even the biggest of hardships.

Sure that might be the case, and that we need The Evil in order to have the contrast and the ability to perceive The Good, and that we need that duality in order to benefit out of this 3D Simulation we are experiencing...

But I truly hate to believe that we need to continue experiencing unnecessary hardships if our ancestors already went through them.

Our DNA carries all of the experiences of our predecessors and all the previous civilizations that occupied this Planet. So we already carry the knowledge with us at all times (That's why the ones who look within, tend to 'awaken' first).

But I digress.

The issue that has been on my mind for quite some time now is the issue of lack of Social Cohesiveness.

I have always wondered why the numerous people that believe in The Good and want the best for everyone don't join together, and act upon what they believe in- true Human coexistence here on Earth.

I don't know if I am correct on this, but I have a pretty strong feeling that THE MAIN reason why we haven't joined the same team yet, is because of the constant division that Politics creates.

You have heard of Divide and Conquer, right?

Don't you see this all around us? It is so extremely blatant and obvious now-a-days.

What is my solution, you might ask? Get rid of POLITICS.

I have no freaking idea of how to do this, but I think the first step is to get rid of POLITICIANS.

In most countries Politicians are people, who have been elected by a bigger population to represent them when it comes to their best interests and how a country ought to progress.

It has come to my attention, having visited a couple other countries, other than the one I live in, that most people do not trust their elected politicians....

That is alarming.

As you might have noticed yourself, in order to have a worry-free and comfortable experience here on Planet Earth you do need resources.

What do you think would happen to all the corrupt agencies, companies, political parties and corrupt representatives if we no longer supported them by giving them the resources they need?

(Think of what would happen to your TV signal, your heat, your home, your water, your electricity if you stopped making regular monthly payments)

Of course, our very own, 'trusted', 'loyal' News Media would like to have you believe that holding up big posters with shitty hand-writing on them, and staying in the middle of the street will make a point...

This is because they are directed to do so. You have never heard the News Media inform you of a guaranteed way to alter the actions of the corrupted entities.

Well, I will!

No billionaire is going to get up from his fancy throne, to look outside his window to read your sign and magically change his mind from his already determined course of action.

So stop wasting your time protesting, and yelling at the corrupt representatives that are both blind and deaf to your cries for help and unity.


- Boycott (verb) -to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (a person, a store, and organization, etc.) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions (Merriam Webster)

People are familiar with strikes, and protests, and sit-downs, and marches, and petitions, and blackouts, but have you ever considered the silver bullet- boycott?


For over 400 days now most have been forcefully locked down, mimicking a communist-regime virus response. And let me tell you- we have learned one valuable thing:

How much of an impact we, as a collective, have on the main structure of society.

Knowing this ought to give every one of us courage, and confidence that the power is with US- THE PEOPLE.


· NO PAYMENTS/BILLS to be made to corporations. (it's okay, my friend. They can wait ONE billing cycle for their money) If your payment falls on any of those 7 days- cancel auto-pay, etc.

· NO GASOLINE Purchases. Do not fund an economy that is tied with wars and pollution and death for just that month. Have you ever considered public transportation? (If such method is not feasible, just try to limit your transportation for that one month)

· NO TELEVISION- Please completely unplug your Cable Signal for that month. Your life might just change for the better. You literally fund the Main Stream News Networks by switching to those news PROGRAMMING channels/ websites/ newspapers or anything with their stamp on it. Let's see how they deal with people not, LITERALLY, buying their BULL$!&#

· NO TRAVEL- Yes. Intentionally stay at home, and know that this time you have everyone with you, experiencing the same thing. Willing to inconvenience ourselves because we want change, not re-normalization to the old systematic dystopia. (P.S We have already been on lock down for over an year now, so it won't be as difficult. Let's see what a month of targeted boycott would do to the money vouchers)

· NO WORK- If you happen to work at an organization that is responsible for censorship, misinformation, illegal corporate dealings- Call out. Take your sick days,. Take Vacation. Don't even tell them to begin with! Whatever you need to do to make sure you do not show up to work. YOU MAKE THEIR PAYCHECKS!!!! SO YOU CAN TAKE THEM AWAY!

· NO VOTING - STOP PICKING FROM THE OPTIONS THEY KEEP GIVING YOU. They spin this whole "if you're a citizen you it is your responsibility to vote" bs. It is OUR responsibility to want the best for our country, not just pick out of a pre-selected list of CAREER POLITICIANS. If you don't like ANY of the selection don't give me that "Better of the two evils" BS! Don't go to the polls!

· NO INTERNET USAGE- stop using the internet! Not only are you feeding the algorithm information about YOU, but you also generate traffic, and ultimately are saying- I LIKE TO VIEW WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! Not to mention that every time you gain internet access, you lose a little of your privacy. (ex. 'how you're feeling at the moment', what you are thinking about, what is your favorite ___', and so on, and so on). You feeding it "personal input" for the Artificial Intelligence to keep, categorize and at their time of choosing- monetize your personal info.

· *NO COMMUNICATION- we need to realize that the communication Moguls are partially responsible for such agendas to unfold. (not to mention the owners of these cellular companies, more often than not, own other surveillance and influential Big-Tech) *You can call if there is an emergency, although it is highly advised not to.

· NO PURCHASES MADE- Yes. You heard right. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!! I am certain you can last one Month without shelling out your hard earned Federal Reserve Paper Notes on Amazon. Most likely spending it on China-Made items that were built in sweatshops, that you would never support if they were in your neighborhood. What will we be accomplishing you might ask?

This would be us reminding them, that their so-called ECONOMY is made up of people who are now fed up with being LEFT BEHIND by the very economy they spend their lives WORKING TO SUSTAIN.

This would be us showing them that NONE of the METHODS they use to keep us in the dark (financially, economically, socially, emotionally, mentally, awareness-wise, etc) would work on us unless we ALLOW THEM.

We are all part of the machine. We work in it. We reside in it. We can't own land, and we pay monthly.

Lets recognize that we are a vital part of society, and recognize our collective situation and task at hand- establishing a better standard of living on Earth, not just filling the pockets of the rich, and widening the class gap.

How do we even expect them to have respect for the human race as a collective if we cannot even realize we are being mistreated, misinformed and misled by, proportionally speaking, an insignificant few, and we even allow them to orchestrate the most unthinkable plots against societal progress?

So let's come together on the same page. I know we all are there in heart. I know we all want a better day, a better tomorrow.

It is US, The People of the Age of the Internet that will make this possible by spreading the message and idea.

We are all headed the same way. Let's make it a walk worth telling a story about.

Lets unite and act in unison.

Let's stick together for a calendar month, and see how withholding our vote (monetary support) can affect these companies that think they can manipulate and mistreat us whichever way they want!



If you desire to see such an event come to fruition, and would like to participate in such a monumental event, do comment on this blog and express your opinion and preference for the month in question.

Should this event start to cause traction, I will do my part on making sure the message spreads even further than imagined and we can actually make this pivotal step towards Freedom of Oppression.


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