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Why am I skeptical?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

MrKnowNothing discussing reasons for being skeptical
"Why am I skeptocal?" MrKnowNothing // The Natural Train Of Thought

Welcome, Dear Thinker

I want to share a list with you. A list of bullet points that I came up with on the fly one afternoon, that has now become a bit more than just a list.

The only way you can have a well rounded understanding on this topic, or of any topic for that matter, is to know every side of the argument and fundamentally grasp and comprehend the other side's view.

Although it is almost impossible to know every angle of every topic, it is important to do our best to maneuver through all of the info presented to us.

I do not have all the information, nor am I an expert, but I am a proud and responsible owner of a human body and brain, and therefore responsible for taking care of it and utilizing it when the occasion calls for it.

That responsibility is not just mine, but everyone's. A responsibility to be aware of your surroundings, and to be informed about the things that concern you.

It really boils down to this statement- "Knowledge is Power".

Although ignorance can be blissful, to know something at the right time at the right place could change your life forever.

I am sure you have had a time in your life when you've looked back on your previous experiences and you've said to yourself "If I only knew that back then..."

Why do you think 100's of millions of people say that around the world?

Because deep down they recognize the fact that that particular knowledge might have assisted them in making a "better" choice in the past. They realize that having more information on a topic before making a decision could have a huge impact on the outcome.

"Knowledge is Power" could be applied to any time of your existence.

First, of course, you need to have "knowledge" of something, then you need to execute and embody the knowledge when presented with the opportunity.

Well, let's just say the "knowledge" that I have been collecting in my brain is now starting to make sense.

These pieces I have been paying attention to do not exactly stand out when looked at individually. But once you start a mental compilation, let alone a multimedia one- it is unsettling to say the least.

The knowledge I had collected made me aware of a world I didn't expect we all lived in.

A world in which there are people who lie, destroy, deceive, steal, and kill... on purpose. *(extremely relevant)

The most surprising piece of knowledge, and one of the ones that truly affected the lens of my reality, is the fact that the ones in power are responsible for most of societal slow progression.

This is very unfortunate, for those are the people who we tend to put our trust in, hence why we elected them to be in power.

But people like money. And money changes people. And the devil always pays the highest.

Three absolutely factually correct statements, random when individually observed, but quite a deadly combination when presented to a human ego.

So you can see where the disconnect might be. At the end of the day, which should they choose?

A $$$,$$$ profit with constant benefits and donations or their neighbors' well being?

That's an easy one.

There is too much proof to share. I will do it little by little, but if you don't know.... you should really get a clue before 2022 turns out to be something out of a dystopian horror blockbuster come to life.

I have been questioning everything since 2010. Gathering information that made better prepared for what is happening in today's-day-and-age.

The only things that prepared me for what some will call "the most unprecedented time of our lifetime", were documentaries like Zeitgeist, comedians like George Carlin, radio hosts like Alex Jones and rap artists like Immortal Technique.

I am getting off on a tangent, but the back story is important in order to understand why anyone would connect those particular 2 and 2.

During the last decade I developed a process for information gathering.

I collected information that related to one another.

Doesn't matter where I saw it- I made a note of it.

Although this might seem unrelated, some of the information I came across in the last decade has made a particular impression on me, due to its nature.

During my research, I stumbled upon the concept of subliminal messaging, propaganda techniques in action, projections on unsuspected individuals, suggestion and mind control.

I was mind blown for many reasons.

How can a handful of fellow humans know so much about the capability, capacity, inner workings of our human brain, yet the vast majority are completely and absolutely unaware. This but also how susceptible and sensitive the human mind is so to such nuances in vibration, and of course- the huge potential of a conspiracy being made against the psyche of the unaware masses.

As I witnessed more of the information being released in subtle ways & seemingly unrelated events, I couldn't stop but reference the information I had previously found.

Well, long story short- I started work. As soon as I noticed the main characters appear on TV, I recalled all of the information I had compiled over the years. I had to do something about it- so I put together a video showing the information that has been floating around for more than a decade.

(Click the picture below to view video)

A couple of questions arose when they continued to spoon-feed us false, inaccurate, silly "information" regarding the CeeVee.

At that time, vaccines were not in even in the conversation yet, but as expected- eventually the talks about making the injection mandatory became quite frequent.

As expected one ought to be skeptical.

As Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, once said:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. It provides the opportunity to do things that were not possible to do before.”

Let that one sink in...

What would be something that they wouldn't have been able to do before that they could do now? Have even MORE control over people's lives, of course.

If you wanted to control the world from one place, and affect the outcome with one decision for all humans on Earth at once- I would bet my last penny that it would be much easier to implement the solution once everyone on Earth is on the same page. What can we give to everyone to put inside their bodies without physically putting it in? Emotions.

What spreads quicker than wild fire?


When there is nothing but fear, chaos, turbulence, and divisiveness, the human psyche will become unstable. It will experience doubt, fear, anxiety, paranoia and will eventually leave one vulnerable and suggestive, making him/her susceptible to manipulation.

Fear is an EXTREMELY important tool used to control. This is why all of this had to happen regardless of the means. If elections needed a little adjustment, or some people had to be forced against their will, or some people had to die, or fake events needed to be staged over COVID, or even if they have to create mass shortages. This is their last push.

Snapshot from Project Veritas video of undercover interview with CNN Technical Director
BOMBSHELL Undercover interview with CNN Director

[Snapshot from Project Veritas video of undercover interview with CNN Technical Director]

And I just want to remind everyone one, that if you were to tell people back in February of 2000 that this is what life would look like 20 years from now, most people will think you are crazy.

The extra-ordinary security, surveillance, restrictions, curfews, limitations, censorship, mandates etc. all due to actions that were based on fear.

Yet, here we are.

And it will continue to get worse, and the world will continue to look more and more like a dystopian world, so long as the vast majority of people have given up the fight, and continue to leave the decision making to some people who don't care for them to begin with.

As if seeing the dark side of a human's ego reign over the world was not enough, we now see the things we once took for granted- are starting to disappear.

We now live in times when the one who seeks to understand is scolded; The one who questions is ridiculed; the one who speaks out is silenced; the one who tells the truth is the traitor.

Do not be quick to judge, based off of other's views. Especially the ones on the programming channels.

Be willing to refrain from jumping to conclusions, but also be open minded enough to be able to hear a belief that shakes the foundations of yours.

So let me share this list with ya. The list that I promised I would in the beginning. The list that should have never become a list.

1. I do not believe politicians have the regular folk's best interest

I say this first and foremost because it is important that such undisputed fact is agreed upon. It is a unanimous view by the majority of people in most countries.

If you were to ask any random person the question: "Do your politicians have your best interest in mind?" I guarantee you, 90% of the responses will be a simple "No."

It is almost common sense that the rich, out of touch politicians have no idea how the laws they create affect others, because it never truly affects them.

Here is a video that expresses what I am trying to convey:

(Click the picture below to view video)

[OG video for reference, in case above gets deleted]

All I'm saying is- if this is a grown woman who is talking about this serious topic, in a room full of adults, on a stage with others behind her, who seem to side with her ideological side views, this must not be just a fabrication in my brain. This is a much broader and much deeper truth about the reality we live in.

2. Governments have experimented on its population before

Knowing your history and being well rounded on the "POWER-FUL" individuals who truly call the shots is beyond necessary. It will break down the mental barrier that most people have that "this could not be possibly true, because the government will never do such things to its own people". When in actuality, these types of immoral and sickening acts, like the Tuskegee experiments on African Americans with syphilis, are events that happened in the not so distant past. Acts so despicable that even Clinton, the President of the United States of America at the time, had to publicly acknowledge make a formal apology.

Don't you for a second think this is an isolated case that happened once in our short history. Operation Northwoods shows the extent to which a government is willing to go to in order to further a particular agenda. To fake violent events and stage atrocities, regardless of potential American Lives lost- all because it would further the main agenda or narrative.

So I have a difficult time pretending we, the people, have not been misled before, and that the people with global influence and power actually care about our personal progress and wellbeing.

3. The main characters are not trustworthy

Some people say "follow the money". I say "follow the people with the money".

Those are the people that usually the ones who warn against such event and disasters, as they know how they will play out, solely because they are the ones who create them to begin with.

And as always when the chaos ensues, and THEIR assistance is perceived to be needed, the solution they introduce always seems to further their overall agenda- their expansion of overreach of power.

All one would have to do is follow the money flowing in and out of their account.

Compensations, commissions, kickbacks, spiffs, donations, contributions or whatever you want to call it is the main reason crimes get committed.

When the gap between the rich and the poor begins to widen, you need to start asking questions.

Especially when root cause is a communist regime, the lockdowns are dictatorial, the outcome is worse than the cause, the gap between the rich and the poor is 5 times as wide, and the amount of laws and mandates passed becomes endless.

4. Biblical references that are absolutely mind blowing

We all know that The Bible has had plenty of prophetic and advanced knowledge for the time that it was written in, but some parts are just too similar to overlook.

The striking similarities and parallels between the events described in the book of Revelations and what is happening today in our world are abundant.

I find it quite interesting, that even back in the day when the Bible was written, the great Empire at the time- Babylon, would form as a religious authority and crisis government, designed to carry out a global mandate. Babylon was considered one of the Beasts, that people would worship and obey blindly towards the end of times.

The end times there will be chaos, famine, wars, civil unrest. A time in which the lamb-like beast (human form) will encourage the worship of the Leopard-like beast, and will give people the option to take the mark that is "non-removable, non-transferrable, and non-losable". Most will want to take it, and the ones who do not- will not be able to buy or sell.

5. Common sense is non existent

TWO weeks MENDATORY lockdown to flatten the curve. It would SAVE LIVES. Mask required to stop the spread. Keep 6ft even with a mask. Mask off when you sit. Masks would now save lives. No, mask do not prevent spread. Surgical mask necessary. Actually, just a piece of cloth would do. You should DOUBLE mask. No mask needed if you're vaccinated. Vaccines would stop the spread. Everyone get it in your veins! Wait no. It doesn't stop it. Everyone wear masks again. Get a second Vaccine. Now get a Booster shot. Oh wait, did I tell you the new one? The vaccinated ones are spreaders too.. 92 weeks later- +50% of people vaccinated but things are still getting worse but now- it is OUR FAULT.

If you don't stop to think about it, they will keep stretching that rubber band and it will never snap. They will make this virus out to be some super DUPER VIRUS that can mutate. One that has AI intelligence and can vary and spread and talk and sneak and lie and overhear conversations, pass through hazmat suits and can abduct people at will.

An the day will come when they will recommend you go to the local jail for protection, because they have bars to protect you and your house doesn't have any bars, so its better, for your safety of course. To protect you against the virus.

6. Pharmaceuticals are pushing hard (suspect)

So let's continue to ignore the big elephant in the room.

These companies want your business bad! So bad, in fact, that they are funding all of your favorite news sources in order to make sure that there are no opposing views to the purchase of extra product.

(Click the picture below to view video)

Video proof of Pfizer media control
Pfizer controls the media

Remember the compensations, commissions, kickbacks, spiffs, donations, contributions and all that crazy stuff we talked about?

You think the vaccine manufacturers are the only ones being rewarded?

How about your doctor, the news anchor, the social media companies, your local leader, your president and who knows how high the ladder goes?

Everyone who assists in getting mass population injected gets a piece.

You think monetary incentives magically disappeared from the pharmaceutical industry after 2019?

7. They are giving it away for free

Which brings me to lucky #7.

Everything in this world comes at a cost. Everything has a price tag. In some states they even had RAIN TAX. So they taxed you on the collected rain water that gets collected in your backyard due to rainfall. Only in the Land of the Free.

So you are going to tell me that they are giving this to you for free? Not even a dollar? Not even $0.50????

Well to be exact, it does cost something $10-$20 per dose- all paid for by your taxes, but cleverly advertised as FREE.

The thing that is supposed to SAVE YOUR LIFE, but never make you 100% resistant to it or anything, because of course- this strand is crazy woo woo, and we don't know how it works. Oh and since you seemed so eager to take the first, you might as well take all of these just in case- 1 from all 3 companies, and the booster shot so can make sure all share holders make some profit. Plus how are we going to sell you more stuff, if you're bullet proof?

The red flag went off when I heard there were monetary incentives to get injected.

I know a couple who let their children get injected with experimental substances for money, but I just though the parents were idiots, and didn't think too much of it.

Now it is happening on a global level, but this time- Uncle Government has unlimited amount of $$$ and unlimited supply of the substance, and he will PAY you to get saved by injection**.

He couldn't pay you or let alone assist you to quit smoking cigarettes? Maybe assist you with a hospital visit? Teach you a better diet or tell you to eat less sugar? Or buy you a membership to the gym?


And not because he cannot, but because it is not in his best interest.

I believe this will be the next big cash-cow for the ones in the upper echelons.

** You will not get saved. You will be able to get it and transmit it just the same as the "anti-vaxxers" but at least you will have the KoolAid in ya. What a deal! :)

8. It came from a communist regime bio-lab which was researching biological warfare viruses

Contrary to what we are being told, this is a man-made virus. Not your chicken pox nor your regular flu. This was intentionally DEVELOPED by a DICTATORSHIP REGIME, as a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON. Comparing this to anything we've ever seen before is unjust because it is comparing apples to oranges.

Remember? China closed down first? Oh wait.... you don't remember that far back, because the news media buried it, along with your "2 weeks to flatten the curve, I promise" promise

They have made you even forget the origins, and gotten you too focused on how you can make this the new normal. Normalize and justify everything that is happening the way you normalized and rationalized the chicken pox vaccine.

Well, my friend, I believe doing some homework on this Country that uses Child Slave Labor, still has labor camps, has a 100% 247 surveillance of its citizens, and grades their lives on a point scale in order to represent social status, might make you reconsider getting injected with the supposed dead version of that regime's bio creation.

9. Development of nano technology has been a topic of discussion and research in recent decades.

This is pure skepticism on my part. And to be absolutely honest, I rather it not be true. But in today's day and age, I don't put anything past those gazillionaires with god complexes.

I also do not doubt for a second that the research of nano technology and the intricacies and capabilities of our bodies has not only never stopped, but has grown exponentially in the last 2-3 decades.

A liquid moving according to the vibration beamed at it. That liquid might be almost molecularly identical to water, so if it weren't dyed black- you would have never seen it.

Sneaky, huh?

Side Note* This was also a method discussed in the X-Files. A sinister one at that, used by Krychek to ....never mind. If I were you, I wouldn't want me to spoil the plot, so just watch Season 6 from the beginning if you are interested.

A lot of truth is released in the X-Files series, but you have to have the right lenses on, for it is cleverly hidden in the midst of sci-fi stories and comedy.

And if you think this is all woo woo stuff with no basis, do recognize that the fabric of existence is made out of vibrations. All matter along with our thoughts and emotions are all tuned to a different frequency. Different Molecules moving at varying speeds, depending on what they interact with.

Look at how physical particles align to particular frequencies:

(Click the picture below to view video)

One of many examples but this one at least paints a pretty picture.

Other experiments have demonstrated that even our attention to a particular object affects its response. Our eyesight can only see white light and the objects that reflect white light. Therefore we can see a very tiny spectrum of reality with a naked eye.

First world governments have done extensive research on the way that our bodies function and more importantly- the way that our minds function.

I would definitely not discredit the possibility especially after hearing the different experiments done during the MKUltra Operation.

10. It has been proven that media has lied and misled in the past to pursue certain agendas

Historically, the news media has had bias when presenting information, have withheld vital information from public disclosure, have provided false information to the public, just to excuse itself shortly after. If you are not familiar with these tactics, you should watch the work of James Okeefe where he displays his wall filled with 100s of retractions from all sorts of different media outlets. But of course it is not until he threatens with legal action that they correct the information that will have otherwise gone undisputed, and have been listed as the "truth" and "fact" for generations to come.

[CEO, James Okeefe, in front of the Retractos Wall]

The media is the biggest lying mouthpiece of any lie that needs national broadcasting.

Just knowing that 90% of what these people spew out is fear inducing information, disasters and warning and threats, I know that it is not healthy for my mental and emotional body. Removing yourself from the cycle of news reporting gives you a chance to clear your vision and thoughts and begin to see things through your own eyes, not someone's who gets paid MILLIONS to read you words/spells from teleprompter.

11. It has been proven that the media has over-exaggerated the severity of this particular virus

It is absolutely okay to present the severity of this virus. It is necessary and it helps the public.

But you have to draw the line somewhere. Once you start to inflate the numbers, and change the story, and hire actors- this is no longer the truth nor the facts, this is no longer reliable information. Period.

Listen to the gentleman in this video. He has the 2nd highest position in CNN, and he is talking about their tactics without knowing the world was watching:

(Click the picture below to view video)


How about this one, where a person with experience in the front lines tells us how it all truly starts:

[MUST WATCH] Snapshot from Project Veritas On YouTube


Or this one where news reportings get staged for people to get a different idea of what's really going on:

[MUST WATCH] Project Veritas on YouTube

The numbers get pumped. To cause more fear. More fear- naturally leads to more people becoming submissive and obedient in order to get security. Trading freedoms for security.

The more scared you are- the more dependent you will be. The more depended you are- the more susceptible you will be. The more susceptible, the more they can guide/control your actions and of course- reactions.

Plus, why trust ANY media outlet that has a track record of bias and misinformation.

12. There are doctors/professionals in the field that are skeptical on taking it

The amount of doctors, nurses, professors, experts, whistleblowers that came out to speak out about their skepticism on taking it is astounding and is definitely alarming.

How could professionals that have worked in the field for decades decide out of nowhere to put their careers on the line and risk their livelihoods over something that is supposedly good for them?

In situations like these, I much rather know the details of the side effects of something, rather than the details of the cure.

So if there are so many people who are knowledgeable on this topic and have much more experience in the field and are telling us they wouldn't do it, with the risk of losing it all?

My eyes are wide open.

The fact that there wasn't any debate, and all questions were muffled another one of my red flags goes up. This is how dictatorship regimes stifle the opposition.

13. The survival rate of the virus is 98%

Again it is all a scare tactic to get the majority of the population to act in a certain way.

Think critically- if this were what they say it is- an extremely contagious and air borne virus that could be spread by just about anyone, even with a mask, even after 6ft.- this must mean everyone already either has it, or has had it already. It has been 2 years of people travelling all over the world, so the probability of everyone having it in their bodies already is almost certain.

If you survived- your body was strong enough and was not already compromised preexisting comorbidities. If your body was not strong enough- don't make the healthy ones do what you should have.

14. Historical comparisons are baseless and used as scare tactic

In the beginning of the plandemic, much fear was needed in order to get as many people fearful to the max so they will be submissive enough and suggestive enough for what was to come.

This virus was likened to the 1918's Spanish Flu. (100 anniversary of a global pandemic****)

The Chinese Airborne virus was said to be as bad as the Spanish Flu back a hundred years ago.

People with 3 brain cells would know that an airborne virus will spread thousands of times faster in a modern society considering the types of transportation used. Unlike today's plane filled air space, UBER on every corner, and huge malls, back then it with horse carriages, and few cars, and maybe some ships, for even planes were not made for commercial transport of citizens until the mid 1920s.

But that is just one difference.

People's hygiene in 20th century cannot compare to the 21st century's awareness of hygiene.

The currently available doctors, hospitals, medicine and information, and over-all standard of living are way beyond comparison to the late 1910's.

This means that if the Spanish Flu led to so many deaths, in such a small population, with much less of an ability to travel, with much less knowledge of how to prevent spread- the flu of 1918 was much more devastating than COVID19. How much more you might ask? Three times. (0.006% vs. 0.002% deaths). And of course- this is not to downplay the affect that this has had on hundreds of millions of people in the last couple of years. Not in the slightest. We do live in a world with bad people that have bad intentions, and that was the result of exactly that. We need to wake up and acknowledge that. So further attacks on humanity cannot happen the way they did.

15. The vaccine is 100% irreversible

All these vaccines developed in the last 100 years, have not gone without their side effects found 20-50 years later. Most cases- ended up having a adverse effects on the patients' children. Down syndrome is another disease caused by vaccine effects. The excuse is always- we didn't know at the time. Well- the TIME is NOW, and I am certain they still don't know. So no. I will not use my body for you to experiment on.

How would you feel if you were told you HAVE TO GET INJECTED in order to stay protected, and then you put this in your body, and a couple of weeks later you contract the virus.

What does that tell you? Not only did you get irreversibly injected with a substance, but you still go the virus they promised you won't get.

They are the ones in power, so they say how things go.

14.This is not a natural virus. It is a biological warfare weapon.

Although I can understand how vaccines work against natural viruses, I am not so confident that the same logic should be used with a virus that was created in a laboratory to target humans. If this virus doesn't seem to be affected by vaccines, and seems to so thoughtfully mutate just when we make a vaccine for the previous variant, why even bother with vaccinating people?

Remember- if someone created this to hurt humans, it wasn't designed to be killed and put away that quickly.

16. There were experiments done with fetal cells and the vaccine.

Why would you want to EXPERIMENT with DEAD FETUSES in a vaccine that is meant to save lives against an "airborne virus"?

If this is what was leaked, could you imagine how much information like this could remain uncovered?

That is all I have to say on this particular reason. There are too many questions. Especially stemming from their explicit decision to not disclose these experiments. Secrets kept from the public, that could potentially harm them, huh? You know what that is the definition of, right?

17. Some people are developing diseases and health complications after being injected.

Getting a virus and having a bad reaction to it, is much much much different than

getting the supposed CURE for the virus, and developing health problems you never had before.

I much suffer the consequences of my actions and get the virus and have it take my life, as opposed to being forced to take something that might have an adverse reaction on me or my unborn children.

Knowing my self- that would be a regret I will not be able to live with. Not to mention that the trust in authority figures will forever be shattered.

18. Utopia episode could be a truth drop

Just when you would like to get away from all of the fear mongering and all the craziness and you want switch the channel to a good show just to see this:

(Click the picture below to view video)

[Snapshot from UTOPIA 2020]

This doesn't help.

Especially when this show was to make its debut the very year the virus came out- 2020.

Utopia is based on a British series released back in 2013, so this means this concept has been in the movie production alone for over a decade already.

Side Note* In this extremely intricate reality we live in, things like coincidences exist only because the viewer's lack of information. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Again, this will all seem like it is overreaching, and being unrealistic, and making the wrong assimilations, but it is the knowledge that acts like bonding agent in order to make ssense of the pieces we are given.

This strategy of disclosure, of giving people true information, has being discussed by very accredited and prominent individuals in the past.

One of which is David Wilcock.

[Video of David Wilcock & Dannion Brinkley ]

This gentleman will open a Pandora's box when it comes to the understanding of our Earthly experience.

He is the Joe Rogan of the esoteric, extraterrestrial, occult, metaphysical, etc type of knowledge.

Having spoken to 1000s of people on these topics, one of the methods Mr. Wilcock talks about is the subliminal way of disclosure that the ones in power use to disguise and present the truth.

19. Part of being responsible for this temple of a body of ours is understanding what we put into it. I don't know what is in that vaccine.

This is purely a personal decision. Based on my research, personal views, beliefs, and experience I am a firm believer that it is a individual's absolute personal responsibility to understand his/her body and take care of it. For it is only one God-body that we are given, and it carries who you are. Each human should be able to make a choice when it comes to their body.

Just because a doctor says "do it" doesn't mean you should. As we all have found out science was wrong when it "first says something"

Like back in the day when the government would burn people alive, in the name of science, for saying that the earth orbited the sun.

Or something less drastic- when doctors used to recommend cigarettes to patients,

or cocaine gum for tooth ache:

Or back in the day when they used to load people up with highly addictive substances just to later on find out it was detrimental to their health.

Regardless, just because you have a name tag that says doctor, or politician, does not mean my brain shuts off automatically and I start drinking KoolAid on demand.

21. I don't like being threatened to do anything

This should be a red flag to many. Unless you were raised to be submissive and obedient, this should be alarming, and absolutely disturbing when the government is threatening you if you don't get injected with a substance. Threatening someone to do something is much different than strongly encouraging one to do so.

But even then you need to ask yourself the equalizer question- "how much of your life's decisions are the governments business and responsibility?"

The answer to that will determine how free you actually are.

22. With any vaccine time should be given before it is to be released to the public for use.... Especially multiple doses. Or doses given to young children.

I am not an expert on this. This just made sense to me, and it seems like my skepticism aligns with the beliefs and knowledge of doctors in the field who also are expressing concern with vaccinating young children against such a new 'biological weapon' called COVID19.

Ohh you took it already? Darn, we wouldn't know the truth about it anyways until 2076. Or at least that's how long FDA needs to release over 329,000 pages of data.

For how long have they been researching this 'virus' in order to accumulate 329 THOUSAND pages of information on it, considering that it just came out last year. And from what it looks like they STILL say they don't know much about it's nature?

Just to put in perspective- in 76 years you will have had grandchildren. You will have created 2 more generations in your family tree- And then that's when you are going to find out what they put into your DNA?

23. The ones who question are being banned and censored

So many channels and personalities have been essentially cancelled, and their reputation smeared just because they were hesitant on putting a foreign chemical in their bodies against their will or because of scientific evidence. What does that tell you about the nature of this response? Very dictatorial don't you think?

Oh wait... maybe you are not familiar with the way regular folk is being punished by the state for speaking out against the ones in control? Let alone the whistleblowers and defectors who have 'caused harm' to the image of their regime.

In the western world it is a little different. It is more polite. It is only publicly defaming you, and taking you off of a platform you have a huge viewing on. It is discrediting you, in what almost always seems to be demeaning way should you suggest another one of your "conspiracy theories".

The truth lies in this question you can ponder on:

"If it is false and ridiculous "conspiracy theory" that lives on the internet, why go as far as involving police, national guard, and government agencies to go after individuals who merely post information that opposes those views. Ironically, crimes 100x worse are being committed simultaneously, while they focus their government power on prosecution and silencing of individuals with different views than the main narrative.

Doesn't that make it look suspicious at least? Or if not that, does it not resemble a dictatorship tactic of putting out the opposition.

24. Because of Herd Immunity

Look- I agree. This world does harbor some evil, and there might actually be such a virus. In such a case one should absolutely take the measures they feel needed to protect yourself and their loved ones. If that means putting two masks on, taking 3 different vaccine companies' products, and taking a booster shot for safety measures- I encourage that an adult does the best for them and theirs, based on the information they have presented with.

If we were to trust science, we also have to acknowledge the fact that there is such a thing called Herd Immunity. And yes, it existed before you found out about COVID in 2020. Herd immunity is reached when more than 75% of the population is "protected" making it difficult for the threat to spread so it eventually dies off.

Not to mention, Natural Immunity. If we were really to categorize this as a Air Borne virus during the 21st century, 2020s in particular, this virus would spread like wildfire, leaving NO SINGLE PERSON uninfected. Which means that you either had it and developed immunity because your immune system was prepared, or you had complications because your immune system had other comorbidities it had to dedicated energy to deal with.

But it doesn't matter what science said before, or what scientists are saying now. THEY are the ones who have "designed" it, so they know how it acts. They knew a mask, and 6 feet separation will end it. They knew 2 week of mandatory lockdowns would fix it. They knew 1 injection would save you forever. They knew 2 injections would double save you. They knew you could still spread it after injection, so mask back up and take a booster.

If they can stretch this fear rubber band forever- they sure will.

Your commonsense is the one that needs to step in and make sense of it all.

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