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Our Story

Why is it 'Our Story" and not just "My Story'?
Because I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for you.
My absolute passion for helping out my neighbor and stranger has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, in order to Become The Difference I wanted to see in others.
In this ever-so fast changing world, I have realized that Practice makes Perfect.
Doing nothing good your whole life would lead to nothing good.
Doing something, even something small, that is good and with good intention, will be noticed, and will create a Domino Effect. Whether you are there to see the dominos fall, it is not your purpose- your purpose is to do good, when you know Good needs to be done.
And so here is MrKnowNothing. Trying to do the good I think is needed.
First, I realized that in this Age of Information, knowing everything is dang near impossible. So for the peace-of-mind of my Over Thinking Ego, I needed to come to the conclusion that it's better to see the World as if I knew nothing, rather than carry myself thinking I know everything.
Now......I just ended up knowing just enough to give me sleepless nights, just thinking about how my peers are stuck on Social Media regurgitating opinions .. just to eventually be left in charge of running the Free World.
I have made it my goal to Absolutely, 100% remove myself from The Fear Box, and utilize my emotional compass when faced with society's problems one problem at a time.
That way I take responsibility for my actions, and do my due diligence when faced with each.
MrKnowNothing will grow...
Not just me as an individual, or this website as a knowledge-hub, but our society as a whole.
I hope that one day we will realize that we know little to nothing about how our lives are governed by the Shadow People in the Shadows.
And such realization will lead us all to look within...
where we hold ALL OF THE INFORMATION, necessary to set us free.
Distant goal.....but I am a Believer.
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