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The jungle book snes review

The Jungle Book looks very lush. The animation for Mowgli, his friends and enemies is smooth and fluid. Especially our hero looks great as he runs, jumps, swings, balances and dances his way... The Jungle Book features some of the best Disney songs in history, and so does this video game adaptation. The Jungle Book is a single-player game with great songs and lots of snakes. This video... Disney’s The Jungle Book Super Nintendo movie-license game, boy does it bring back memories. Even though it has been quite some time, I still hold fond memories of my jungle man Mowgli. Swinging on vines like a lifeless ragdoll, flipping through the treetops like an Olympic gymnast, and chucking bananas with the pitching arm of Randy Johnsongood times! Reviewed: One of the Last Snes titles Disneys The Jungle Book is not only Virgin’s last title for their Disney marathon but one of the last to come out for the Super Nintendo.

Virgin was... I particularly like this game because in a way it really brings out the movie like experience. Graphics =9.2 Sound Effects/Music The sounds are basically similar to. Jungle Book, game that made after the Disney Animated Movie is now put onto SNES. Jungle Book scale of difficutly would be medium. You will start with five lives, 4 continues and you cannot save... Simply put, The Jungle Book isn’t a very good game. The graphical quality is terrible and the platforming is broken. The only thing this title has going for it. Jungle Book SNES Man Review 18,262 views Dec 11, 2012 202 Dislike Share Save SNESMan16 8.26K subscribers Subscribe Full review of Disney's Jungle Book for the Super Nintendo. Is it a "gem" or a... Contact Dodge This gaming by Email Dodge This Twitter Account Dodge This Tumblr Account https:/... The Jungle Book – Super Nintendo. Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Developer: Eurocom Publisher: Virgin Games Release Date (NA): 1994 Genre: Platformer Reviewed by StarSpangledEggs Disney’s The Jungle Book Super Nintendo movie-license game, boy does it bring back memories. [] Read full article Disney's The Jungle Book Disney's The Jungle Book is a series of platform video games based on the 1967 Disney animated film of the same name.

The game was released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1994 for the Game Boy

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The jungle book snes review

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